Decorative stretch ceilings

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Stretch ceilings

Stretch ceilings or stretched coatings are a kind of suspended ceiling also used for wall covering. These ceilings are very popular especially among interior designers and architects.

Today ceilings and walls are as important as furniture in room decoration. MSC stretch coatings with maximum thickness of 0.1mm to 0.05mm and more than 150 colors are available in lacquer, mat, translucent, and suede finishes.  

The installment is very easy and quick. Our company can install up to 300 meters per day.

This technology is made of a very specific type of PVC film that is only 180g per square meters and because of high flexibility, it tolerates sudden strokes very well.


This coating is antibacterial and dust resistant thus it is suitable for hygienic places like hospitals.  A special kind of stretch ceilings called translucent is able to filter and distribute light evenly. This property enables architects to change the atmosphere of the room by illumination. In places such as shopping centers, restaurants, coffee shops, lobbies, theater stages and any other place that color changing is targeted, translucent ceilings can be installed by unlimited imagination.


Lacquered stretch ceilings with a high degree of light reflection, works as a very big mirror and enlarges the room space. Furthermore by reflecting lights it saves energy both in flat and 3D types.

The assembly process takes place by stretching the ceilings coating on an aluminum structure that has been fastened to the wall at any chosen height (minimum distance from the ceiling must be 35 mm).

 At the same time, it fulfills several functions:

 It can lower areas that are too high.

    • It can cover defects of old ceilings and hide any installation placed beneath the ceilings.
    • It offers protection to the area below from damage caused by leakage from a water supply system.
    • It has an attractive finish, resembling the surface of water with a mirror reflection.

This kind of ceilings can be given any shape: flat, oval, arched, round, spiral, involving broken lines or various levels.

If there are lighting and ventilation systems they must be assembled separately and independent supports or suspension brackets to keep the load off the ceiling.


With the use of the heater (power requirements of up to 50 kw/hr), the temperature of 43-70 c is generated allowing the coating to become flexible so that it can spread on the structure molding. This activity is performed using special tools such as assembly trowels, corner tool and stretching pliers.


Once applied, you obtain a beautiful smooth surface, which is maintenance free and doesn’t require painting or other treatment for the year warranty period. It can easily be cleaned with water and proprietary detergents.

MSC is the first stretch ceiling designer and producer in Iran. We use European material with highest quality and we can install these quick and beautiful ceilings all around Iran and neighboring countries. We guarantee our products for 10 years.

Recent Projects


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07:58 AM

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14:08 PM

The Sadaf public swimming pool In Manjil city

08:36 AM
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