Frequently asked questions


Frequently asked questions

Question 1: How many colors are available to choose from?

More than 100 colors are available in addition to many printed pictures.

Question 2: Are these stretch ceilings washable?

Like ceramics and other construction materials, stretch ceilings are washable too.

Question 3: How stretch ceilings can help in lighting?
Stretch ceilings are transparent so backlight systems can be used to illuminate the room. Light colors can play a major role in room lighting.

Question 4: is it possible to hang chandeliers or other decorative hangers from stretch ceilings?

Yes, all kinds of chandelier and lighting hangers can be installed on stretch ceilings like gypsum ceilings.

Question 5: how much is the usual space between the original ceiling and the stretch ceiling?

The space between two ceilings is usually between 6cm and 30cm depending on the equipment installed behind the stretch ceiling.