1- The first step is taking the measurements on site. Then our engineers draw the plan with our special software and the next step is producing the stretch ceiling in our workshop. After the production our installation staff will be ready on site with the ready stretch ceiling, special aluminum profiles and equipment like heater and toolbox.  The illumination systems and basic infrastructure should be done before our installation team comes on site.

2- The next step is installing the aluminum profiles and lamp bases. In this step we can prepare the required space and material for ventilation equipment and other facilities.

3- The stretch ceiling is heated slowly and fixed on a few spots.

4- The rest of the stretch ceiling is fixed into the profiles.

5- After the installation fireproof washer is attached to the required places for illumination systems and the center of the washer is cut.

6- The illumination facilities installed and the installation of the ceiling is finished.

7- The stretch ceiling is handed over to the client.

8 & 9 – Maintenance and safety tips: Do not touch the ceiling with sharp tools and use only a soft cloth and glass cleaner liquid to clean the stretch ceiling.